Tottex brings textile workers together and provides a safe environment filled with the equipment they need to carry out their creative work. We are building a supportive, empowering community focused on making a living through textile work without poisoning the environment, discriminating or taking advantage of anyone.


Full-time membership is £375 a month
-24-hour access, Monday - Sunday as many hours as you need
-use of sampling materials, trims, inks etc.

Part-time membership is £245 a month
-24-hour access, Monday - Sunday capped at 45 hours
-use of sampling materials, trims, inks etc.

Off peak membership is £225 a month
-Weekends and after 6.30 pm on weekdays. Good for students.
Pay as you go membership* is £55 a day**
*Paid for and booked in advance bulk buy discounts are available.
**Day hours are 9 am - 5.30 pm


Becoming a member is straightforward, just fill out the member application form by

clicking here. 

Once we have received your member pack we will review to make sure we can accommodate you* then invite you to activate your membership and pay the one-time induction fee of £45. You will be invited to an induction of the space and be given keys.
*to ensure everyone gets the space and access to the equipment they need we are going to build the membership based on a mix of specialisms.


The inductions will be tailor-made to your requirements. It is at this point we can sign you off on the machinery you already know how to use and then build a plan for any further training you might want to undertake. We will also discuss space usage and storage, as well as general health and safety.


Full and part-time members will have 24-hour access. The studio is on the ground floor.

Any questions about coworking at Tottex email us at