Unit 1a
1 kingfisher Place
Clarendon road
Wood Green
N22 6XF

cutting tables for pattern cutting and cutting fabric.
pattern paper and card included with access to a developing pattern resource and tools.
tailoring dummies.

a variety of industrial sewing machines.

a 2.5gg double bed industrial knitting machine.

lots of trims and accessories for sampling with.

6 thread embroidery machine with digitising soft wear, also a 9 thread will be online soon.

heat presses and vinyl plotters.
4 head carousel screen printing, flash dryer and curing.
two x 3 metre print tables with rails for larger scale printing.
lots of storage for screens and the beginnings of the dyeing lab, large cold and hot vats coming soon.

wash out for screens with jet wash and chemicals.
self contained exposure unit and screen drying cupboard.

2 large flat sinks for batch tye dyeing and a washing machine.

Technics separates sound system tapes and cd’s with digital input.
tea and coffee facilities. 
lots of light, a yellow floor and of course Chino the studio staffy.