Tottenham Textiles and Tottex are the culmination of Founder Luis Lopez-Smith’s decade + experience as an in-house designer, freelance consultant, university lecturer and activist.

The first Tottenham Textiles studio was a small 60 sqm space on the Seven Sisters road in North London, initially offering design, sampling and small scale production to London’s fashion industry.

Before long we were working with global brands, agencies, independent designers and individuals on large scale projects, events and products.

The facility in the studio grew, and new machines meant new techniques to learn and new offerings for clients.

Teaching and mentoring ran throughout the studio, which was authentically rooted in the local community. Some would knock on the door others would be recommended through community projects and schemes.

Tottex started in 2018 as a creative outlet and collaborative platform for the studio, working in project format independently and collaboratively. Tottex began taking on a life of its own, living through the pieces made in countless workshops around london and in the studio. 

2020 served as a time of pause and re-evaluation, while we repurposed the seven sisters studio to make scrubs for the NHS. A realisation of the importance of the space to people in the Tottex network and community became really clear: People who all make their living through working with textiles in some way.

Textile Workers are a fiercely independent and motivated group of people who’s skills in pattern cutting, stitching, printing, dyeing, weaving (to name a few) underpin the fashion industry and provide them with a livelihood, although not always in the correct ratio.

The decision was made to push on, to build a bespoke co working environment for Textile Workers in all their forms.

A new space was found and worked on for 3 months during the lockdown in the winter of 2020. Building a fit for purpose facility with adequate space and equipment to work safely alongside others.

All the functional learnings and dreams from the Seven Sisters space were made a physical reality in the new 230 sqm Wood Green studio.

Now an opportunity to implement support and resources to members with the aim of nurturing a community of freelancers who can gain from the support and experience of other Textile workers.

So if you are a practising Textile Worker and want to know how you can become a member and begin using the facilities, click here...

If Textile work is something you like the sound of then check out our workshops, click here...