Hackney Wick FC

Brainchild of Bobby Kasanga, a true grassroots project that uses football and volunteering to tackle Anti-social Behaviour, gang culture and poverty. Bobby is a force of nature his storey is one of transformation and hope. he came up with Hackney Wick fc in prison. He noticed how powerful footballs effect was on the behaviour of the inmates. leading up to training and games everyone would be on best behaviour and Bobby thought ‘could this same effect be harnessed on the outside?’ it’s been his mission ever since to push Hackney Wick fc to be Hackneys first semi-pro football team.

Team Tottex worked with BigmanCreative to run a series of design workshops with the Community and then collating the work into a Home and Away kit that was handed to Nike to produce with all the proceeds of the sales going straight to the club. a real community-focused design project with a real product output..